Void-gard is a revolutionary new lateral cargo restraint device that is also safe and simple to use. Void-gard prevents lateral shifting by filling the exact horizontal voids between colums of cargo.

Void-gard is made of rugged,reusable resin offering AAR-APPROVED compression strengths. It expends,a djusts and locks in place by hand. Void-gard is an adjustable cost effective and pracitical system that enables shippers to fill a variety of void spaces with one product.

Shippers often transport multiple sized packages creating multiple sized voids. Void gard eliminates the need to stock a variety of void filler sizes. Designed to address the inherent limitations of cardboard and wood.

Void-gard provides shippers with a practical, flexible and dependable method of filling voids that delivers added value.

Available in two sizes: 200mm – 405mm and 405mm -760mm

Advantages of Void-Gard

  • Adjustable
  • Economical
  • Reusable
  • Quick and safe to install
  • Moisture stable for Reefers
  • Adhesive pad for correct placement
  • AAR approved compression strength

Visit their website: http://www.voidgard.com

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