PaperIBC - For Bulk Liquid Storage

PAPERIBC is an effective way for bulk liquid storage and could replace traditional storages such as steel or plastic drums, returnable totes and bottle-in-cage IBCs. All our PAPERIBC went through stringent quality assurance where highest quality standard, safety and hygiene are observed. The PAPERIBC is able to carry up to 1000 litres of non-hazardous products, it reduces filling or discharging, handling costs and free up storage space while transporting of bulk liquid.

Easy to Set Up
Requires only one person per minute to prepare the PAPERIBC container for filling. No special training is required for setting up the container.

High Strength
PAPERIBC offers compression strength from 8 to 10 tons and is capable of stacking 3 high thus increasing storage efficiency.

Environmentally Friendly
The materials used to make PAPERIBC are completely recyclable, biodegradable and waste-to-energy efficient. The objective is to minimise environmental pollutions and cause less contamination and harm to our environment.

Save Storage Space by 80% and more
PAPERIBC can carry 20% more product than drums for the same amount of space. When they are not in use, PAPERIBC is collapseible and stored flat in 80% less space than empty drums.

Technical Specifications


1000 litres

Outer Dimensions:

1090mm x 1090mm x 1000mm
(43" x 43" x 40")



Pallet size:

1100mm x 1100mm (44" x 44")


Approx 30kg (66lbs without pallet)


Sauce, Beverages, Concentrates, Buttermilk, Citrus Juice, Edible Oils, Milk Products, Sour Cream, Soy Products, Sweeteners & Vinegar


Adhesives, Cleaners, Emulsions, Inks, Latex, Lubricants, Oils & Greases, Shampoo & Detergents

Non-hazardous Liquid:


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