Logistick Range

Logistick Range of products provide a variety of ONEWAY, disposable freight securing devices for use in the transport and logistics industries. Logistick products are inexpensive, easy to install and adapt and adhere to virtually any internal trailer or container wall. All products are certified for use in both Domestic and International carriers. Preventing damage is top Priority.

The Logipad will increase the strength and holding power of your Cargo Sta Bar. The logipad's adhesive backing will secure the load bar pad to the wall doubling the strength of the load bar.

The International Wedge is designed for use in ribbed- wall trailers or Dry seafreight containers.

The International Strap is designed both for light and bulky loads carried in ribbed sided containers. This gives an ideal lashing/securing point for holding irregular shaped loads.

Visit their website: http://www.logistick.com

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