Lifting Slings

Flat Slings

Secure A Load flat webbing slings are made of high tensile polyester yarn treated and coated for increased working life. These slings are used extensively for many different types of cargo handling in all types of conditions.

They will not damage polished or fragile surfaces and will exert less pressure than wire ropes or chain at the point of contact with the load.

These slings are colour coded with 6:1 safety factor.

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Round Slings

Round slings are easy to use, efficient in operation and gentle on surface contact. All round slings are colour coded to give easy identification of the safe working load. They come labelled, giving strength and safe working load.

The round sling inner core is made from high tensile polyester fibre, which is wound continuously without a join to provide the maximum possible strength. This core is protected by a tough woven tubular sleeve also made from polyester without side stitch. It serves to protect both the inner core of the sling and the surface of the product when lifting. The low stretch characteristics of the polyester yarn also prevents "LOAD BOUN E" when lifting heavy loads. Round slings are unaffected by sunlight, humidity, grease and may be used in a multitude of lifting applications.

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