Dunnage Bags

Secure A Load dunnage bags provide the most cost-effective solutions ensuring that your freight arrives at its destination damage free.

Dunnage bags are inserted into void spaces inside containers, rail cars or trucks. Once inserted, they are inflated with compressed air to the recommended level. This inflation serves to gently push the load away from itself, wedging it against other pallets or the outside walls of the container. This creates a solid brace, stabilising the load and preventing any future movement, thus greatly reducing the risk of damage during transit.

Disposable Paper Dunnage Air Bag


Available in 3 standard sizes:

  • 900 mm x 1200 mm
  • 900 mm x 2100 mm
  • 1220 mm x 2100 mm

2-Ply and 4-Ply Paper Dunnage Bags

2-Ply Bags are recommended for truck and intermodal ocean shipments.

4-Ply Bags are recommended for heavier truck and intermodal shipments as well as ocean going containers and vessel shipments .

  • Secure A Load paper dunnage bags are manufactured with high strength Polyethylene Liner and multiple layers of extensible kraft paper
  • Fast-fill/quick release air valve for rapid inflation and easy deflation
  • Higher burst strength than comparable bags produced by competitors
  • Manufactured under ISO9001 certified conditions
  • Manufactured to meet AAR specifications
  • Subjected to stringent quality control measures
  • Stocked in a variety of sizes
  • Competitively priced
  • Can be re-used
  • Bags adapt themselves to almost any shape, space or void, so they are useful for all types of loads
  • Environmentally friendly

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Disposable Vinyl Dunnage Air Bag

Available in 3 standard sizes:

  • 900 mm x 1200 mm
  • 1220 mm x 1220 mm
  • 1220 mm x 2140 mm


  • Turbo Fill Valve
  • Flaps and/or 2-sided tape for ease of installation
  • Durable 0.25 mm vinyl
  • Accessible centre valve placement
  • Approved by the Association of American Railroads for applicable intermodal shipments


  • Expands and contracts with change in temperature and altitude
  • Cost savings
  • Can be reused
  • Conforms to shape of cargo
  • Quick inflation
  • No sharp object required to deflate bag
  • Sidewall loading designed for maximum bracing
  • 100% recyclable
  • Custom sizes available
  • Custom logo printing on each vinyl dunnage air bag (optional)

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Turbo Fill Valve & Turbo Filler!

  • Super speed
  • Super strength
  • Super savings

The Turbo Fill Inflation System:

  • Inflates bag up to 4 times faster than any other bag on the market
  • Simply pull tab on valve for rapid deflation or use Turbo Filler to vacuum the air out in seconds
  • Self-regulated, no gauging required and impossible to over inflate this bag
  • No tightening or turning required on this valve! Simply pull out tab on valve to inflate and push in when bag is fully inflated! It's that easy!
  • The totally re-designed Turbo Filler is manufactured from a durable nylon 6 material, strong enough to withstand any dock handling

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