Ideal for products that need to breathe in order to remain in excellent condition during transportation and storage. Because of the large openings, Air-O-Maxx gives maximum aeration to the products which in combination with its maximum elongation and strength gives excellent stabilization and visual appearance to the pallet.

This film is ideal for the food and drink sector:

  • Beverages - including beers, wines, soft drinks and fruit juices
  • Food Industry - all fresh ambient, chilled frozen and warm fill products
  • Pet Food - dried, frozen and canned pet food
  • Pharmaceutical Products
  • Frozen Food - meat, fish

1. Considerable Lower Waste - Because of its innovative design Air-O-Maxx has a smaller waste volume after unwrapping than other kinds of similar products.

2. Stops Condensation Allows Ventilation - Air-O-Maxx due to its large openings prevents the build up of condensation and allows air circulation, thus protecting the goods and other packing materials, ie. damage to labels and boxes, rust, etc

3. Maximum Elongation & Strength - Air-O-maxx has the capability of maximum elongation and strength in order to give perfect pallet stabilization and excellent pallet appearance

4. No Reduction In Width - Regular stretch film and knitted net reduce in width after stret. Air-O-Maxx keeps its width after stretching thus you will save cost and time

5. Forklift Friendly - Unlike netting, Air-O-Maxx does not tangle in the wheels of forklifts

6. Good Grip - Air-O-Maxx elastic qualities have a tendency to contract and therefore produces a tighter wrap of the palletised goods. Despite the perforations the pallets stay stable during transportation and storage

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